Special Festive Offers – Diwali 2020

Special Festive Offers – Diwali 2020

Celebrate this Diwali with some extra gleam and glamour. Make the most of our Special Festive Offers – Diwali 2020 on various services, and get the best compliments from your friends & family.

Visit your nearest branch and get festive ready by availing these amazing deals!

Celebration Offers

Lapiel 6th Anniversary Deals & Offers

Celebrating 6th Anniversary. Enjoy exclusive benefits with our Anniversary Deals and Offers.Book your appointment and Save.

#CelebrationOffer 01:  Get 6 sessions of Laser Hair Removal (LHR) on 6 body parts @ Rs.60000/-
#CelebrationOffer 02:  1 abdomen cryolipolysis session + 6 body therapy sessions at @ Rs.60000/-
#CelebrationOffer 03:  6 Sessions of weight loss @ Rs.

Avail 20% to 50% discount on select services

Avail 20% to 50% discount on select services like fillers, botox, Laser Hair Removal (LHR), weight loss and pigmentation treatment.







Changing Skincare Needs During Adulthood

Adulthood brings with it a whole new cacophony of unrealistic life issues! These are, unfortunately, bigger and more intimidating than that of the teens. As if manoeuvring through heartbreaks and career pressure isn’t enough, that the skin starts acting dramatic too. As you evolve from an energetic and carefree teen into a responsible adult, there’s a whole bunch of skincare decisions that you have to (and should) make.

Holi Special Offers

The colorful festival of the year ‘Holi’ is here, and we are ready to add extra happiness in your colorful lives with our special offers.

We all enjoy playing Holi with colors, eat loads of sweets and drink chilled thandai. But what happens after the fun settles down??? We tend to worry about adverse skin reactions and weight gain.

Valentine Special Offer

Valentine Special Offer

The loveliest month of the year is here, so are we with our special offers to make you feel special.


Love is a special feeling for a special someone and that special someone can be anyone, either your mom, dad, brother, sister or a life partner. So, get ready to celebrate Valentine Day with your Valentine by flaunting your glamorous looks.

Anti Obesity Offer

Anti-Obesity Offer

La Piel presents you with a celebration of the Anti-Obesity Week:

Celebrate the Anti-Obesity week by losing your weight in a healthy way with our weight loss packages.

Get 40% off + 20% off on all our weight loss packages.

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Monsoon Offers

Lapiel’s Monsoon Offers

This monsoon fasten your seat belts as the flight of offers on your body treatments is going to take off with huge discounts on all Lapiel’s professional skin and body toning services. Come and get the perfect body that you always dreamt off.
Come to our clinic and get a make-over that will drown people in your beauty this monsoon season.

Weight loss program

Get Well Shaped Body With La Piel Healthy Life

Fall In Love with your body again

Our body is a complex mechanism. The way it functions or malfunctions vastly depends upon the kind of lifestyle one adopts. One of the leading health and fitness concerns that one faces is excessive and unwanted weight gain. Causes can be many. Sedentary work profile,

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