botox treatment

Everything you need to know about botox treatment!

Is age changing the way your skin looks? Why not change the way your skin ages? Your skin represents you!

Let’s invest in it and not let age, hormones, genetics or pollutants cause it to wear out prematurely. The younger you look, the younger you feel. Don’t you? A plethora of cosmetic products and procedures have almost made the dream of looking “forever young”come true.

Botulinum toxin or popularly known by its trade or brand name“Botox” is considered a magical wand in the world of beauty and glamour. Visit any skin clinic in your vicinity and you would know how popular and common the magical Botox treatment is! Because Botox has appealed to the classes and masses, alike! It has sprinkled some magic in the lives of not just women but men too!

Botulinum toxin when injected into the facial skin helps to positively alter its appearance and make it look more smooth and appealing. It has helped people to get rid of fine wrinkles, expression lines and fine lines. The wrinkles and lines tend to appear less obvious after Botox. Botox treatment not only inhibits the development of wrinkles and lines, but it also prevents the worsening of already present wrinkles.

A skin specialist will inject permitted levels of Botox into the facial skin which will work as a muscle relaxer preventing the formation of wrinkles. This procedure will eventually safeguard your youthful, wrinkle-free looks to some extent.

Though a Botox treatment procedure is barely invasive, it is essential to get your skin treated at a highly professional, well-equipped and updated skin care centre. The trained skin specialist would ideally know the amount of Botox to be injected, which area needs to be injected into,  the number of top-ups required etc.

Choosing your skin care centre meticulously is vital because though mostly safe, this amazing wrinkle remover may lead adverse effects if not done the right way. Though the side effects are extremely rare, a botched up skin treatment is a nightmare that no one wants to witness. Do we?

A skilled and qualified Cosmetologist at the skin clinic will inject the Botox to help freeze the muscle movement. The effect on the muscles of the treated areas starts showing pretty evidently from about a week or so from the treatment.

The effect stays for about four to six months and you may need to visit the skin clinic again for a touch-up. The re-appearance and severity of the wrinkles are milder this time because the muscles have already been trained earlier to relax. If you discontinue the top-up sessions, the muscles and skin of the Botox treated area normalise and returns to its original appearance. The monetary investment that you need to make for this treatment will vary from individual to individual.

Do not get carried away with cheap or budget deals. Speak in detail about the treatment plan and pricing to your skin specialist before you take the plunge. The cost of your entire Botox treatment would be determined by the line and the period of the complete treatment that the Cosmetologist decides for you.

While most celebrities keep their beauty secrets under the wraps, we now know with surety that Botox treatment is one of the many cosmetic hacks that make that face so gorgeous, so flawless.

Now that the secret is out, would you not want to gift yourself this blessing of youthfulness? Get in touch with La Piel today to begin your journey toward a line and wrinkle-free skin under the guidance of the best Dermatologist in Mumbai. A crease free skin awaits you!

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