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Nail Diseases Nail Diseases

I Had Nail Fungal Infection on my Hand and it was Very Painful. I was Very Scared but then I Visited Dr. Trasi Clinic. And Then Dr. Shefali Explained to me And Did my Treatment, It Went off now. It's Plain. I am very happy with their Service, and all Staff is Sweet to me they Explain Very Nicely. Thank You Rasika, Staff of La Piel for Introducing me to Dr. Trasi La Piel Clinic. Thank You.👍

Priyanka Ghadge

Did you know?

There are various types of nail diseases that can affect the appearance and health of the nails. Some common nail diseases include:

Fungal Nail Infections:

This is a common type of nail infection caused by fungi. It can cause the nails to become thickened, discolored, and brittle.

Ingrown Nails:

This is a condition in which the nail grows into the surrounding skin, causing pain and swelling.


This is a chronic skin condition that can also affect the nails, causing them to become thickened and discolored.

Beau’s Lines:

This is a condition in which horizontal depressions or ridges appear on the nail plate. It can be caused by trauma, infection, or illness.


This is a condition in which the nail separates from the nail bed, causing pain and discomfort.


This is an infection of the skin around the nail, causing pain, redness, and swelling.


This is a type of skin cancer that can also affect the nails, causing changes in color and shape.

If you suspect you have a nail disease, it is important to seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare professional.

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