How to get glowing skin from within?

Glowing skin is one thing that is on the wish list of almost all of us. But with the hectic lives that we have entrusted upon ourselves achieving that one small goal seems far-fetched. The pollution in the atmosphere, the paucity of some me time, the urge to eat junk,  not giving our bodies enough water to flush out the toxins, does take a toll. All this eventually shows up via a dull and tired skin. Sometimes the stubborn acne scars do not want to say goodbye or sometimes it’s the pigmentation scar that is like an uninvited guest refusing to go back.

Fret not. La Piel skin clinic is here to help you get that golden glow from within. A glowing skin is the result of many rights. Sometimes we ourselves don’t know what we are doing wrong. Sometimes we do it out of ignorance and sometimes we do it intentionally. Most of us know the basics, drink a lot of water, eat right, include fruits in your diet, get some exercise, but sometimes all this is not enough. And then we obviously don’t get results. To address all our skin care woes, La Piel skin clinic is your one-stop shop.

LaPiel skin clinic offers you an array of treatment depending on your diagnosis.

1)   Acne treatment:-

What is acne? In layman’s terms, it is an infection of the skin. And the causes of which could be numerous. We at La Piel use oral drugs and local application to treat acne. And if the situation demands then we do an external treatment that includes chemical peeling, microdermabrasion or blue light.

2)   Scar Management:-

Scars can sometimes play havoc with your confidence. It is not necessary that we stay put with it. If that scar bothers you then there are a lot of things that can be done to minimize the appearance of the scar or hide it from view. Even the scars left behind after surgeries can be taken care of.

3)   Pigmentation treatment:-

Like other skin troubles pigmentation is one thing that is the result of many causes. However, it is something very harmless but its appearance on the skin can be a nuisance for people who have it. At La Piel, we treat pigmentation with topical creams chemical peels and lasers.

4)   Anti-ageing treatment:-

Ageing is a process that no one can reverse but we definitely can help you age gracefully. Our busy lives leave our skin dull and many times we start ageing sooner than we ought to and to deal with early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles we have an array of tools like fillers, advanced injectibles and Restylane. We first analyze what you really need and act accordingly. When it comes to ageing time cannot be stopped but it definitely can be slowed.

La Piel skin clinic is a one-stop destination for all your skin care needs.