Bring out your Bridal Beauty with La Piel.

Wow! You are getting married!! This is the time of a mixed bucket of emotions. Extreme excitement, happiness, and also extreme nervousness and stress. There is no denying the fact that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, a day that you will cherish forever.

It goes without saying that you want to look your best on this momentous day of your life. And in this era of social media and hashtags, you don’t want a strand of hair also to go awry. Salons and skin clinics these days offer the best bridal treatments for a charming you. Skincare during wedding season requires supplementary TLC. Dermatologists in Mumbai offer bridal skin treatment. Sometimes dermatologists offer the best bridal skin treatment in Mumbai especially.

In the meanwhile certain things you can do at home are :

  • Coconut water: Coconut is an elixir of life. And one coconut water a day will leave you looking alluring on your wedding day. Coconut water has the properties to eliminate toxins from your body and also the agrinine present in it increases the blood circulation to all organs, thereby imparting that glow from within.
  • CTM: Cleansing toning and moisturizing is one such routine if followed religiously can maintain youthful skin. Dirt-free and toned skin will help your skin breathe and thereby look healthy. Also, don’t forget to follow up with the right kind of sunscreen.
  • Regular facials: Regular and timely facials offered by the best dermatologist in Mumbai is the right way to take. Best skin treatments in Mumbai offered under bridal skin treatments in Mumbai will assess your skin type and prescribe the right facials to eliminate spots and fine lines.
  • Talon tales: When Mehandi hai rachne wali, then the hands and feet have to be perfect. That nail art will look even better on soft and buttery hands. And a regular visit to the salon for Mani and Pedi will do the trick. But if you have weak nails or cracked feet then you ought to visit best dermatologists in Mumbai.
  • Healthy diet: As much as you will be tempted to eat junk food while running helter-skelter to get work done before the big day, that much you try to avoid it. A healthy diet will keep you disease free and will definitely help you arm yourself for a fun filled life ahead.
  • Beauty sleep: Sleep is one solution to that restless mind and to the overworked mind. If you are underslept then all the efforts you take to impart that glow will go in vain. Lack of sleep will gift you under eye circles which I am sure you don’t want. So sleep at least for 7-8 hours to be energized to be able to run about from one mall to the other.
  • Last but not least: Most important aspect here is to address any skin problem that cannot be taken care of at parlours and by using home remedies. Problems like dark circles, patchy skin, pigmentation, skin tags, etc can be handled only under the expertise of best dermatologists.

The wedding is the time to be happy and merry. And it is best to leave certain matters in the hand of the best. Visit La Piel and let our best dermatologists assist you in bridal skin care.