Reverse Hairfall

Ways to reverse hairfall!

Hairfall is one such word that is the cause of nightmares for many. Is there anyone who does not want to look presentable? Everyone does not be aspired to be a diva but most of us definitely aspire to have our basics in place, beginning from the hair that is.

Oftentimes hair is one such physical aspect that is not always in our control. Anything can randomly cause thinning of hair or hairfall and many a time home remedies also don’t work. Earlier balding was associated with age but recently that does not hold true. Girls and boys of a very young age are falling prey to this trait. And to save grace medical intervention is the only option that remains.

The reasons for balding can be different for different people. Hormonal imbalance and genetics are often cited as main culprits for hairfall. Apart from that the water in your area, dandruff, hectic lifestyle, stress, change of location and many other things attribute to a diminishing Crowning Glory.

La Piel is the place you ought to be to address your mane woes and ensure that you don’t end up losing more hair over this stress. A team of well qualified medical professionals begin by diagnosing the exact cause of your hairfall problems and end up giving the right treatment for the same.

Type of treatments undertaken:

Oral Medication & Topical Lotions:

We start with basics first. After diagnosis, we start medication that is deemed best for you. Oral medication and topical lotions are all you need many a time.

Laser Comb/ Helmet:

Instruments containing LED lights are used to improve blood circulation of the scalp and helps in increasing the hair growth.


Superficial injections are used to inject hair growth solutions in the scalp for fast results.

Platelet Rich Plasmas:

In this technique, the patient’s own blood is used for obtaining plasma rich in platelets and hair growth factors.

Hair transplant:

For the best technology of hair transplant under experienced surgeons, La Piel is the place to be.

Next time you feel that your hair is falling a table bit more than the usual, you know where to go for the right consultation and guidance.

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