Laser hair removal treatments in Mumbai

Laser is better than waxing

Laser- A permanent hair removal solutions!

Laser is better than waxing” how often have we come across this statement or thought and how many of us really do believe that indeed, a session of the laser is better than waxing. Well, most have us would have heard and read about the benefits of laser hair reduction innumerable times and at least once in our lifetime desired to get a laser procedure done. Being the hub of the glamour industry, laser treatments in Mumbai have become extremely popular in recent times. Salons have been constantly welcoming a steady flow of clients wanting to get professional laser hair removal in Mumbai. Waxing, plucking, shaving, tweezing are all time consuming and painful procedures to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. Obviously, they also do not ensure permanent riddance from body hair. Whether at home or at a salon, any temporary hair removal procedure like waxing needs to be done time and again. It definitely is a very hassling procedure. With laser treatments, there is a permanent reduction in the undesirable bodily hair and one is saved from the repeated agony of getting painful wax sessions done. Being a harmless and quick procedure with life long benefits, without a doubt, the laser is better than waxing.

Though the benefits of benefits of laser hair reduction are many, do not expect phenomenal results and a silky smooth skin surface in just one laser session. Keep your expectations realistic! It takes some time for the results to show. Laser hair removal is not just any cosmetic treatment. It is a science. For it to show results, one must be patient enough to attend multiple sessions and wait a few weeks. Once your treatment schedule is complete, you will have a majority of the unwanted hair gone forever. However, a few hair always strive to regrow and one must be aware and prepared for it. Laser treatment can ensure hair reduction to a great extent, it cannot miraculously vanish all the hair forever.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of laser hair reduction if you are persistent and regular with your laser sessions. Follow the schedule advised by the laser technician and avoid sporadic appointments. Keep in mind that your skin clinic and laser technician must have the necessary licenses to carry out the laser procedure. The treatment needs to be conducted in a thoroughly professional, well-equipped and hygienic setting.

Prepare your skin for the treatment. Before going for your laser session ensure you keep your skin as natural as possible. That implies your skin must be clean and devoid of any product. Avoid even a plain moisturiser. You may shave, but don’t wax. Let the hair follicle be present to target it. It is imperative that you religiously follow a good skin care routine post your laser treatment too. The area which has been treated with laser may seem sunburnt and sensitive for some time. The skin may feel raw for at least 48 hours post the session and a soothing recovery cream or a cold cream may help ease out some soreness. Keep exercising, walking in the sun and hot water showers at bay. Avoid anything that increases your body temperature for a day to two post your laser procedure. This would help in avoiding any bacterial infection, burns or issues like an ingrown hair.

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