Laser Hair Removal

Flaunt Your Body

Dealing with unwanted hair on the face or body can be such an annoying and harrowing experience for many of us. We are sure you agree on this one! No matter how much time, effort and money one invests into getting rid of this unwanted hair, they keep coming back within a certain span of time. For some, this span may be short and for some, the hair may regrow after a long break BUT sooner or later they do reappear. And soon it is time to begin your hair removal regime once again. Resort to shaving, tweezing or waxing. Keep buying endless waxing strips or razors. Salon visits become a must. The journey of hair removal seems a never-ending one.


However, there is a solution to end this painstaking journey. One can always come down in favour of Laser Hair Removal. While Laser Hair Removal has been a popular cosmetic procedure in the west since aeons, it is now gradually gaining popularity in India as well. One can find the finest of skin and hair centres providing hair removal treatments in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and many such big cities.


A full body laser hair removal technique has been a boon in the field of cosmetology. One can either opt for a complete full body laser hair removal or can permanently get rid of hair in only certain parts of the body such as the underarms, face, bikini line, arms, legs etc. A permanent laser hair removal process is a completely safe procedure where the highly concentrated and powerful beams of light are targeted at the hair follicles. Once the pigments in the hair follicles absorb this laser light, the hair is completely destroyed forever.


Whether it is a full body laser hair removal or the permanent removal of hair from just some parts, this treatment does not harm the skin. Ideally, a laser hair removal procedure is very precise and the laser beams target the dark, coarse, thick hair without affecting the skin surrounding it. Permanent laser hair removal ensures riddance from unwanted hair after an average of four to ten sessions depending upon the volume of hair, part of the body and the expanse of hair.


It is essential one chooses the best doctor for hair removal because a laser hair removal treatment is more than just a beautification and cosmetic process. The procedure goes beyond obliterating the undesired hair. It involves certain potential risks and the technician requires formal training to carry it out on patients.


Ideally, the best doctor for hair removal will not only be thoroughly skilled to carry out the permanent laser hair removal procedure but will also guide you about the pre-procedure course of action and the post-procedure precautions. It is suggested to limit the amount of waxing, tweezing, plucking etc one indulges in, for about six weeks before the procedure. Also one must limit the exposure to the sun, before as well as after the procedure to help avoid complications. Exposure to sun reduces the effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatment and can also cause complications after the procedure.


With all the hustling bustling and ever pulsating lives that we are living, one may find very less time and other resources to manage all the displeasing hair all over your body. Opting for full body laser hair removal is the finest choice one can make. It is an affordable, less time consuming and permanent hack to bid adieu to all the undesirable hair. If you are looking for the best doctor for hair removal to take care of your hair removal treatments in Mumbai then La Piel is your place to be!