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Fuller Lips with Fillers-Lip Augmentation Treatment

The trends and norms in the beauty industry are constantly evolving. While some of these beauty fads just fade away into the oblivion after creating a short bustle, a few beauty vogues are mainstays. These trends in the world of beauty and glamour create such a buzz that they gradually become a defining and powerful beauty revolution. The obsession with such trends is visible all over the place- from our virtual world of social media to our real-life skin clinics.

One such cosmetic procedure that has caught people’s fancy is lip augmentation. Lip fillers have also gradually found a crucial spot in lip augmentation treatments. Plumping lips is now become a common beauty practice to achieve lips that look juicier lips! Why are people so inclined towards getting all plumper and fuller lips either through lip plastic surgery or through non-surgical procedures? Why is lip augmentation become so routine? One of the reasons could be celebrities flaunting their natural or surgically made up pout all over the social media. Whatever be the reason, having fuller lips is completely in vogue!

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure and can be carried out by only trained professionals in an extremely hygienic and well-equipped environment. Your endeavour to achieve fuller lips may turn out be a horrendous affair if you resort to procedures carried out by unprofessionals who have limited knowledge of lip augmentation procedures.

Over the time, the techniques of lip plastic surgery and the kinds of lip fillers used have undergone a sea change. Lip plastic surgery may not entice many and people may want to resort to safer and non-surgical procedures. Dermal fillers, that can be injected into the lips, is the most popular and non-invasive procedure to attain plumper lips. Dermal fillers help in improving the shape and structure of the lips while giving it the desired volume and plumpness. These injectable fillers is basically a gel containing hyaluronic acid. Being a natural ingredient, hyaluronic acid gives a revitalized, natural, immediate and soft volume to thin lips.

These injectable dermal fillers come with a long list of benefits. Firstly, the doctor can control the amount of gel to be injected, hence has better control over the final volume of lips. The entire treatment can be done gradually, over appointments at regular intervals. So that one can keep a track of the whole procedure and get adequate feedback on their newer, plumper lips. Any bumps or lumps that occur during the procedure get dissolved easily without much trouble. These injectables are less painful and cause minimal swelling or bruising while giving you desirable juicier lips. Depending upon the age, physiology, lifestyle etc of the individual- these fillers may last for about one to two years. The effect of the treatment will also depend upon the amount of hyaluronic acid that is injected and the technique the practitioner has used to inject it.

The process of injecting dermal fillers takes about half an hour to one hour. Though the process shows an immediate effect and you can flaunt your fuller lips right after the procedure, best results are seen after amount a month. In Mumbai, at La Piel, you shall get all that you need to gain that perfect pout! La Piel is your one-stop destination for top-notch lip augmentation procedures.