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Since time immemorial there has been a stigma attached to the diseases that affect the skin. Ignorance, prejudice, unawareness, fear have lead to people labeling and stigmatizing those who suffer from incurable skin conditions. Diseases of the skin take a long time to heal or, in some cases, are also incurable. The patients have to deal with not only the physical ill effects of the skin disorder but also learn to manage the social and emotional trauma it brings along. Psoriasis, rosacea, acne, vitiligo, eczema etc are some of the common skin disorders that affect a large number of the global population. Millions of people deal with these skin defects along with the impact it leaves on their self-esteem and confidence.

Medical and cosmetic therapy along with psychological counseling go a long way in helping the patients to positively accept the skin condition and live with it gracefully.

Speaking of vitiligo- Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that leads to the skin to discolor and patches of white or skin

devoid of any melanin begins to appear. One of the most common of the vitiligo symptoms is depigmentation of various and any part of the body. The vitiligo symptoms start showing on the skin, hair, eyes, mouth, genitals. Though the vitiligo symptoms are not contagious, the loss of pigment is definitely progressive. Gradually a large portion of the skin on the body will lose the melanin and discolored, white skin will be visible. The rate and expanse at which the skin loses color varies from person to person.

As soon as a diagnosis for Vitiligo is made, the first question that rushes through the mind of the patient is “How to cure vitiligo” ?. A qualified dermatological expert may recommend light treatment along with certain topical medicine application to the patient after examining the health history, family history of diseases, doing a physical examination of the skin and running a few blood tests. The aim of the treatment is to gain back the normal skin color. The success of the treatment varies from case to case. One has to be regular with the procedure sittings that can be very frequent and for several weeks.

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