Medi facial for the glow from within!

Facial! What comes to mind after just reading this word? I am sure you are thinking self-indulgence and some me-time, the pleasure of a relaxing massage, the aroma of exotic creams wafting through your nose, and of course that healthy glow.

All of us reading this blog must surely be aware of the types of facials available to pamper us. The era of limited options is long gone. Today there are different facials to address different needs, be it scars, dull skin, pigmentation, fairness, just pure relaxation and obviously the afterglow.

But do you know that the facials that we’ve been indulging in since last so many decades are nothing but just a placebo? We have been treating only the symptoms and not addressing the cause. You must be wondering what cause and symptoms am I talking about.

Not many of us are aware that there are two layers of the skin, the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis is the top layer that we treat and we apply our creams, scrubs and face washes on and the dermis is the skin underneath where the real mending and rectification happens. So for the epidermis to really glow, the dermis should be taken care of.

As the name suggests Medi facial, is a facial that is backed by medical professionals and are targeted to address the real problem and not just work on the surface. Detailed skin analysis is performed before going ahead with any kind of treatment. Medi facial professionals have access to the right kind of combinations and ingredients that will treat the root cause of problems.

Complaints like Sun damage, acne, pigmentation, scars, show excellent results with medi facial and also other problems like rosacea which need medical intervention can be addressed with this kind of facial. Every medi facial is unique for your skin type. Not the same cream is applied from a big jar on everyone’s faces. Each individual will have a different prescription based on the needs of their skin.

Professionals at La Piel are well equipped and trained to chalk out the facial that is best suited for your skin type and skin damage. With a good Medi facial and the right aftercare, the results are long-lasting and many a time permanent for certain complaints. So that means no frequent parlour visits to maintain the glow on your face.

If this facial is sounding more like a medical treatment and less like the dreamy indulgence then pardon me. By no means, the basic attributes of our regular facial are compromised in a medi facial. You are pampered, given a lovely face, shoulder and hand massage, and obviously treated and rejuvenated at the end of your session. So go ahead and book an appointment at our centre for your medi facial, the right investment for your beautiful face.

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