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Can PCOS Cause Skin Disorders?

PCOS & Skin Disorders.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects millions of women all over the globe. Faulty lifestyle, along with genetics, is a key contributing factor leading to this hormonal disorder. PCOS manifests in many distressing symptoms such as infertility, excessive facial hair, acne, weight gain, irregular menses etc. It is known by all that PCOS increases the levels of testosterone in females. The abnormally high levels of testosterone cause the sebaceous glands to get clogged with excessive oily sebum. Excess of this sebum further leads to acne. Not just acne, PCOS can also lead to extreme scarring pimples, a beard like facial hair growth in women, excess of hair growth on other parts of the body, dark patches on the skin, hyperpigmentation etc.

The impact of PCOS on the skin cannot be ignored. Infact, the dermatological concerns that arise due to PCOS are some of the earliest clues that help in recognition and early diagnosis of PCOS. In the long run, the impact of PCOS on skin only worsens if left untreated. Early intervention aids is getting rid of most of the skin related problems related to PCOS.

Some of the common skin troubles that accompany PCOS are acne, hirsutism, acanthosis nigricans etc. All of these are emotionally distressing and affect the overall psychological well-being of women who are suffering from these skin ailments. Consulting the the best skin specialist in Mumbai or any city convenient to you, will help improve the health and overall appearance of the skin by utilising various non-invasive cosmetic treatments. These treatments work hand-in-hand with the treatment being done to bring about a hormonal balance in the body. The impact of PCOS on the skin can be nullified when the body and skin become healthy from within.

The best dermatologist to resolve these problems is the one who follows a holistic approach. Not just with efficient cosmetic treatments that help repair and glam up the skin, the negative impact of PCOS on skin and hair can be permanently overcome only when a complete lifestyle alteration is made. A well-qualified team of professionals can design a complete treatment plan for PCOS patients. Along with medication, the issue of insulin insensitivity can be tackled by resorting to regular exercise, balanced diet and healthy weight-loss. The best skin specialist in Mumbai, for resolving PCOS related skin worries, can be consulted at La Piel. Having onboard the best dermatologist to resolve these problems that stem out of PCOS, our wide array of treatments will help your heal your skin effectively.