How to protect your skin from pollution?

Apart from other things, one thing metro cities are leading in is pollution. This is one topic that one can go on and on about as it has a profound effect on everything around us. From the longest organ in the body to the tiniest of it, pollution affects everything. We are here to talk about the longest organ, the skin.

There are many factors contributing to the health of our skin. Many times we prefer visiting skin clinics in Mumbai and other cities to address our skin issues. Apart from getting skin treatment to deal with pollution, some TLC at home will definitely not do any harm. Visiting skin clinics in Mumbai and other cities for skin treatment to deal with pollution is the right approach to solve the problem but let’s try ensuring there is no problem in the first place at all.

To build a strong building the base always has to be strong. And this principle applies to everything we do in our day to day lives. And for healthy and happy skin, it is imperative that you follow the basics.

Things that can be done to tackle skin pollution like a boss are :

  • Cleanse: The least that you can do for your skin is regular cleansing. The way brushing and bathing is an unspeakable part of our daily routine, the same way having a cleansing routine is good for the well-being of your skin. Including CTM ( cleansing, toning and moisturizing) in your daily routine will take you a long way in maintaining a supple skin. Seeking guidance from good skin doctors to assess your skin type and the right product for it is the right place to begin.
  • Sun protection: stepping out of the house is like being under constant surveillance of the sun. Be it rain, sun or shade, we the UV rays have their own way to reach you and create havoc with your skin. It also causes your skin to age faster, so don’t forget to apply that sunblock before you leave the house and don’t forget to thank me later.
  • Hydrate: water is your body’s best friend. Drink ample of liquids to ensure that they flush out toxins of your body for that long-lasting glow. If water fails to excite you then there are many other ways to increase your liquid consumption, make smoothies, flavour your water, have coconut water. But don’t falter with this. Also, the smartphone is a wonderful tool which with the help of various apps will help you track your water consumption.
  • Exfoliation: pollution causes residue to accumulate on the skin causing black and whiteheads. And if they stay on the skin for long then it develops into severe acne. So don’t let it build up, and exfoliate at least twice a week. Use the one best suited for your skin type.
  • Supplements: Vit C and Vit E are two essentials for that perfect skin. Obviously, the right way to get them is through a balanced diet. But consult best skin specialists in Mumbai and other cities to know the right kind of supplements you need to maintain healthy skin. Skin clinics in Mumbai and other cities will give the best guidance for the same.
  • DIY masks: dig in the kitchen for wonder ingredients like lemon, honey, curd and many more to make masks at home for some TLC for the skin.

Pollution is like slow poison. But it is not necessary that you get killed at its hands. At La Piel, best skin doctors in Mumbai are ever ready and equipped to deal with your skin woes. For best skin treatment.