The secret to saying bye to your scary scars

Your skin is like a seamless, precious piece of fabric that holds your vital organs in. It is just like a delicate piece of the royal muslin fabric that enhances your beauty when you don it. Now imagine a thread being ripped from this regal fabric or a stubborn stain that refuses to part with it. Would this fabric still look as perfect and pretty when it was flawless and unstained? We are afraid, it won’t.

Similar is the case with your skin. While most of us are born with undamaged skin, over the years our skin may be subjected to various hormonal imbalances, accidents, surgeries, pollutants etc that take a toll of it and lead to it being damaged and even scarred!

Your scars may be reminders of your strength, your undying spirit that you displayed when you underwent a painful surgery. They may even be reminders of your teen years that you spent struggling with the stubborn acne that stayed on your face no matter what you did to get rid of them!

Scars are reminders of joyful childbirths, dangerous accidents or funny incidents too! Scars can be severe or mild, permanent or temporary, they may be present on any part of your body, visible or hidden- whatever they are, wherever they are, these scars are not a very pleasant sight to the eye.

No matter how toned, chiselled or fit your body is or how heavenly your facial features are- a big or small scar somewhere on your body or face takes away the picture-perfect image of yourself that you have in your mind. You may still be beautiful in the way you look and project yourself.

Not that a scar deprives you of your charm or confidence. Scars don’t make you ugly. They just don’t enhance your physical beauty. Deep down do you not want to not have a scarred face or a scarred body?

Whether you want to get rid of your scars or embrace them is absolutely an individual choice. And if you desire to get rid of these scars there are enormous options available with you that can help you bid adieu to them or at least make them barely visible.

Your kitchen itself is a treasure trunk if you need some effective home and natural remedies to get rid of mild, harmless scars. Aloe vera, onion juice, coconut oil, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, honey and many more such gifts from nature help in fading away most superficial scars.

For scars that are deep and are a result of a major wound, surgery, acne, inflammation, infection etc-there are more complex and high-end cosmetic treatments available. Laser treatment is one such procedure that is carried out by professionals to help their clients get rid of their scary scars.

An extremely efficient and safe process, laser helps you get rid of the of the scarred upper layer of the skin. It also penetrates further to the deeper layers of the skin and help it smoothening and tightening it. The intensity of the laser differs according to the intensity of the scar and degree of damage. The laser is harmless and effective resulting in firm, appealing and majorly spotless skin.

Such cosmetic beauty procedures are a boon to the beauty industry. They help one to not only manage their scars, but they also help in the overall rejuvenation and repair of the skin. An impeccable skin is not just a dream any more! Isn’t it?



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