Take a break from washing dishes: Expert tips for self-pampering at home

“During this lockdown, people are working from home and multitasking at the same time to manage work and home. Also, because the routine of life is disturbed, we have become mentally and emotionally vulnerable leading to stress. One cannot venture out for a regular cleansing and exfoliating treatments of skin. All of this can lead to dull skin, stress pimples, excessive oily face and lustreless hair,” says Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, MD Skin, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Trasi’s Clinic & La Piel.

However, as renowned beauty expert Shahnaz Husain points out, “Lockdown is also the perfect opportunity to detox, or upgrade your beauty routine to make working from home a transformative period by exploring new make-up trends and improve your skincare routine in extra time. With limited exposure to the sun, pollution, dust and grime this is the perfect time to whip up some home remedies and concoctions for your skin even if you cannot go to parlour. Ask yourself what does your skin really need right now? Is it hydration? Is it a deep cleanse? Is it an anti-ageing boost? Then, adapt your products accordingly while indulging in some guilt-free self-care.”

Here’s how you can stay in and self-pamper…

Shahnaz Husain recommends a luxury bath such as a Honey Bath by adding two tablespoons of honey to a bucket of bath water. It is said to induce relaxation and leave your skin soft and moist. Adding two tablespoons of vinegar helps to relieve itching, recommends Husain. Adding a few drops of cologne makes you feel cool and leaves the body fragrant. Add one tablespoon almond oil to your bath water if you have a dry skin.

Maintain a general cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. One can use salicylic acid or glycolic acid cleanser to wash face in oily skin or a non-foamy cetyl alcohol cleanser to wash a dry skin. Toning can be done once daily followed by an oil in water-based moisturising. In evenings one can use a retinol based anti-ageing serum to maintain a pimple free skin and to get rid of fine wrinkles. One can make a homemade scrub containing curd, gram flour, turmeric and use it once a week to get rid of dead skin layers, suggests Dr Shefali.

Apply sunscreen should be applied every day to exposed skin, and not just if you are going to be in the sun. Even if you’re indoors, if you’re close to a window you still run the risk of exposure to UVA rays and possible skin damage.

Avoid heat hair tools as they can cause breakage, damage and drying. Once you’ve washed your hair, lightly pat it with a towel. Then leave hair to dry naturally. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Be very gentle with your hair at this stage.

Moisturise your hands, as all the hand-washing dries out skin, leading to cracked and chapped hands. If your hands are cracking, coconut oil is one of the best things you can use. Original petroleum jelly also works, says Husain.

Make your own after-bath body lotion. Mix together 100 ml rose water with one tablespoon pure glycerin. Keep in a bottle with a lid.

Regular oiling of hair can be done to maintain the hair lustre. Since everyone has more time due to lockdown one can even use hair masks after a hair wash once a week and attain a shiny texture for hair, recommends Dr Shefali.

Have an organic pedicure, using natural oils and extracts. Husain tells you how: After removing old polish, soak feet in warm water, after adding some herbal shampoo, oil and coarse salt. Let the feet soak for 15 minutes. Then clean the nails with the brush. Use the pumice stone on the heels and side of the soles. Avoid metal scrubbers. Wash feet in clean water. Dry with a towel. If your nails need cutting, better to use a nail clipper. Toe nails should be cut straight across. Do not cut the cuticles. Do not use sharp instruments to clean the nails. Apply almond oil and push back cuticles gently with a cotton bud. Then, give feet a scrub treatment. Mix ground almonds with yogurt and some sugar. Apply them on the feet. After 15 to 20 minutes, rub gently on the skin with circular movements. Wash off with water. Then massage the feet with olive oil or sunflower oil. Wipe the feet with a moist towel.

Remember a good healthy body gives a good healthy skin. So, try and maintain your physical activities by doing some floor exercises or yoga. Cook a healthy meal, eat lots of salads and drink lots of water. Do not consume excess sweets and processed foods as it can affect the skin. Antioxidants in diet like vitamin C, E can help maintain a healthy skin, concludes Dr Shefali.


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