Travel Time Skin Care Regime

Travel Time Skincare Regime

Planning for a vacation, but unsure what to pack? Clothing comes first for sure, but along with looking pretty, you have to make sure that your skin stays beautiful as well by following a travel time skincare regime.

Travel can be hard on the skin as you’re prone to exhaustion, improper diet and hectic schedule. These are a deadly combo when it comes to attacking your glowing skin. Travelling can ruin your skin in a big way, especially when you are travelling from one city to the other having adverse temperature differences.

But such situations can be taken under control with just some prior prep! Here are some simple ways to follow and effective things to pack for your skincare regime while on the go:

  • Pack Comfortable yet Stylish Clothing

Tight clothing, or clothing made from rayon or nylon, can cause rashes during travel. Opt for loose-fitting cotton clothes, which will be less likely to cause skin rashes.

  • Invest In a good moisturizer

A good moisturizer is a must to keep your skin moist and hydrated. Always keep a moisturizer handy, especially if you have a dry skin type. Also, don’t forget to apply a good amount of moisturizer at night for it to work its magic all night, leaving you with a well-moisturized skin.

  • Sunscreen

Always carry sunscreen lotions and apply them on all uncovered parts before stepping out in the sun. If you are travelling to beaches and tropical places, keep an ample of sun blocks in your bag!

  • Hydrate

Drinking lots and lots of water not only keeps your skin hydrated but also helps in checking your tiredness while on road. Carry a water bottle with you when travelling. Drink water with meals over other beverage options.

  • Carry Blotting Papers

Many of our skin tends to go oily while travelling. Blotting papers are the one thing to the rescue in such situations. Blotting papers come handy to remove that oil from the face, especially the ‘T Zone’. They are much better than regular tissues that leave a residue.

  • Beauty sleep

If you are travelling a long distance, don’t miss out on your beauty sleep. Timely sleep keeps your skin glowing and radiant. Applying under eye creams is an add-on bonus for your skin while your asleep.

  • Go Minimal With The Makeup

Makeup can block pores, leading to skin problems. Wearing a little less makeup than usual can help prevent skin problems on the road, as your skin is more sensitive when you’re travelling.

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