Ways to tackle ageing skin!

Ageing is a natural process that every human undergoes. Like it or not but your body, skin, hair, organs all age, wrinkle, undergo wear and tear as we grow and mature over the years. Youth and age both, are gifts from nature that we must accept with love.

We can’t run away from ageing, however, there are some anti ageing remedies and factors that we can positively influence and efficiently tackle or delay the effects of ageing on our skin. Dr Howard Murad rightly quoted “Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not”. We enlist a few tactics here that can help your skin age gracefully and whether you are thirty or sixty, your skin will shine through!

Given here are some anti ageing remedies for you to follow on daily basis:


While the sun is radical for human life, you must sometimes refrain from excessive exposure to the big bright sun. Your skin needs protection from the harsh sun to prevent it from looking lifeless and damaged. Slather a handsome amount of sunscreen all over your body especially if you are involved in outdoor activities, sports, swimming etc. Feel free to reapply the sunscreen every few hours (minimum of 2 hours) to ensure optimum protection from the UV rays of the sun. Better still, find maximum shade or stay indoors (if circumstances permit.)

2:- Moisturise:-

Moisturisers are a blessing for the skin! Do not hesitate to use a generous amount of moisturiser on your skin. A well moisturised skin is better nourished and stays healthier. Our skin tends to get dry as we grow in age. Since a good moisturiser keeps dryness at bay, the chances of wrinkles and fine lines appearing are also highly reduced. The result is a happy, youthful skin.

3:- Wash:-

A simple yet effective routine of simple washing and cleansing your face can work wonders on your skin. Subjecting your skin to a rejuvenating wash with lukewarm water and cleansing it with a gentle cleanser is a miraculous routine that makes your skin glow. It is vital that you do not scrub your face too often. Do not use too cold or too hot water to rinse the face. Also one must avoid using harsh soaps and rather opt for mild cleansers to maintain the smooth texture of the skin.

4:- Water and Sleep:-

Ensure you drink a few liters of water each day along with getting  good number of hours of peaceful sleep. Keeping oneself hydrated and well rested, helps the skin to refresh and heal naturally from within. Plenty of water and sleep help the body detoxify gradually leading to a healthy, glowing, younger looking skin!

5:- Healthy eating habits:-

Make a place in your daily meals for healthy proteins and good fats. Proteins help to keep your skin toned and tight. Adequate quantities of proteins are powerful elements that keep your skin looking youthful since they provide the building blocks (amino acids) to the body. It’s time to bid adieu to the unevenly toned, saggy skin!

Apart from these simple and natural beauty hacks, progress in the field of cosmetology has blessed the human race with umpteen cosmetic anti ageing procedures that help one look forever young.

Chemical peels, fillers, advanced injectibles and many such professional procedures help get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, skin creases, freckles, age spots etc. These treatments are carried out by trained professionals and help in smoothening out the skin, improving its overall tone and texture.

These amazing anti ageing cosmetic treatments assure positive results since they can be tailored and customised as per an individual’s skin and its requirements. With all the highly evolved skin treatments available to us, lets age with beauty and grace with a healthy body and gorgeous face!


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