Weight Loss in Mumbai

Side Effects Of Extreme Dieting

Festivals, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, farewell parties, anniversaries and the list of celebrations one enjoys, all around the year, can go on and on. With each celebration comes a wide spread of sumptuous meals that we devour. Not just these occasional celebrations, we often indulge in unhealthy eating routines due to our erratic schedules and busy lifestyles. What does all these irregular and improper eating habits lead to? The answer is what we all know- weight gain! Unwanted weight gain and illnesses come hand in hand. Over a period of time, people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of gaining unhealthy weight. To shed the extra kilos people resort to dieting, walking, cycling, exercising, yoga routines, gym sessions etc. Diet control and monitoring is a vital aspect of a weight loss journey. However, it is essential that your diet is under the supervision of the best doctor for weight loss. Weight loss programs in Mumbai and many other cities of the country have constantly endeavoured to aid people in losing weight in a healthy way.

Extreme and unsupervised dieting can lead to dangerous consequences. Some of them are listed below.

1:- Muscle-Loss

The most prevalent ill effect of uncontrolled dieting losing the essential lean muscle. If the body is deprived of the basic nutrients that it requires, it will begin to break down the muscle tissue to gain fuel and energy to survive. A lean physique needs muscle mass. Ensure you do not deprive your body of essential nutrition. Let it not break its own muscle mass.

2:- Dehydration

If you go on an extreme, crash diet you may immediately lose a few kilograms. You tend to feel euphoric here! However, this weight loss is merely an illusion because all that you have lost in this short span of time is water, and not fat. When deprived of carbohydrates or calories the body begins to burn glycogen, before fats, to gain energy. Once all the glycogen is burnt through, water begins to exit the body leaving a lot of people dehydrated.

3:-Slow Metabolism

As you start losing weight, your metabolism also becomes sluggish. With a slower metabolism, you are burning lesser calories. Even while exercising, with a slow metabolism, you wouldn’t burn many calories. With extreme dieting, your metabolism would drop to such a point that you will stop losing any weight at all and the metabolism would stay slow even when you get off the diet and resume your regular meals.

4:- Malnutrition

The best doctor for weight loss would never advise you to adopt extreme dieting as a measure to lose weight because it would mean depriving the body of its fuel to function well. Drastically cutting down on food would deprive the body of the essential calories that would mean no nutrition is absorbed in the body. This would have a negative impact on immunity, bone health, cell growth, gene expression etc.

5:- Impact of the brain

If you don’t eat a wholesome and healthy meal, the brain cannot function to its optimum capacity. Brain fog is a common issue that arises during extreme dieting. If you visit the best doctor for weight loss in your vicinity, he or she would be able to explain to you how negatively a crash diet can impact memory and brain growth. One becomes more susceptible to stress, anxiety, depression and also lead to binge-eating disorders in the future.

To avoid these extreme dieting related hazards it is very important that people follow diet plans suggested by trained professionals at any weight loss clinic in Mumbai or any city that they live in. Weight loss programs in Mumbai are led by popular dieticians and nutritionists who have been in charge of the diet programmes of many Bollywood celebrities. Connect with a weight loss clinic in Mumbai or whichever city you are based in to know the ideal methods to lose weight. At La Piel, we have adopted some of the best weight loss programs in Mumbai. Our panel consists of the best doctors for weight loss. If you are seeking an ideal weight loss clinic in Mumbai, then La Piel is your place to be!