Winter skin care

Winter Skin Care Routine

The most favoured part of the year-the winter is here. The season to enjoy the cool weather, wear sweaters, drink hot cups of chai and coffee, relish gajarka halwa. Though people in Mumbai don’t necessarily feel the chills but yes there is definitely respite from the biting sun. La Piel is the place to be for skin care treatments in Mumbai. You will find yourself under the expert guidance of leading skin care specialists in Mumbai at La Piel.

But one thing that doesn’t really enjoy the cold as we do is the skin. Time and again we heard the warning “Winter is coming”, for seven seasons of the Games of Thrones but we never saw them getting prepared for it. That was reel life, but in real life, we face problems like dry, cracked feet, chapped lips, static hair. But fret not!

For every problem, there are sometimes innumerable solutions. Following a simple winter, skin care routine can do the trick. And many a time visiting skin doctor, rather visiting best skin doctor can also help. But for now let us list out for you a few things that can be followed as a winter skin care to keep you soft, supple and baby like.

1) Avoid foaming cleansers:

The agents in the soap that cause foaming generally tend to leave the skin drier. So avoid using foaming cleansers while you bathe.

2) Shorter shower:

The more you are tempted to stand for a long time under that warm soothing shower the more your skin will get dry. So no leisure showers.

3)Moisturize moisturize:

One thumb rule to follow for your winter skin care routine is to moisturize immediately after you bathe. And adding a few drops of essential oils to your favourite moisturizer will leave your skin spa-like.  One important aspect here is to avoid lotions with heavy fragrances because it can cause the skin to irritate.

4) Don’t forget the basics:

Two pillars of any skin care routine are regular exfoliation and daily application of sunscreen. In winters when we are already layering ourselves up with lotions we forget our saviour from the sun- the sunscreen. The sun does not go into hiding in the winters. He is very much there. So do not forget to apply your sunscreen. And the skin needs exfoliation all year long. We sometimes wonder if we will end up irritating the skin if we exfoliate in winters. That is not the case. Exfoliation will allow better penetration of the skin lotions and essential oils in the body. So don’t underestimate the power of exfoliation.

5) Spa treatments:

Who does not enjoy some TLC? Getting a deep moisturizing facial, manicure, pedicure or even a body massage is not a bad idea at all. Visiting a reputed spa with well-trained staff is the key. Getting Medi facial done with a leading skin specialist under best skin doctor will also prevent the skin from winter damage.

La Piel will definitely be your BFF when it comes to winter skin care. They are home to a leading skin specialist in Mumbai. La Piel is the place to be when it comes to skin care treatments in Mumbai because they have the best skin doctors in town.

When getting a medi facial or a jet facial that will penetrate deep within the layers of your skin, is on your mind, just pick up your phone and book an appointment with La Piel, for the best skin care treatments in Mumbai.