Radio Frequency Cauterisation

What is radiofrequency cautery?

Cautery is a minimally – invasive technique to remove unwanted tissue , such as milia, kerastosis, hyperplasia , skin tags , etc. . This technique is considered far more secure and efficient than other alternatives, preventing the possibility of infection. Period of healing of skin care with this technique is also much shorter than with conventional surgery techniques, so that the risk can be minimized.

 What are the Indications of cautery?

  • Warts (face as well as other body parts)Warts
  • Acrochordons (skin tags)Acrochordons
  • Molluscum contagiosum (children and adults both)Molluscum
  • MiliaMilia
  • Dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPNs)Dermatosis
  • Small epidermal naevinaevi
  • Seborrhoeic keratosiskeratosis
  • FrecklesFreckles
  • Vascular lesions(telangiectasiae, cherry angioma )telangiectasiaeangioma
  • Xanthelesma (on eye lids also)Xanthelesma


How is the Procedure done?

It’s a clinical procedure, in which we apply an anaesthetic creams for required area in thick layers so that the patient doesn’t feel any heat and can do treatment comfortably.

Allow the patient to sit for 30 -40 minutes.

A tool with a thin, needle-like hot tip is put on your wart. The skin cells are killed by the heat which burns them. The area around it may look like it is charred (white and swollen).

After the procedure is done you will see small red blebs on that area which settles down after few minute.

After few days there will be scabs formation which will fall off by its own without any pigmentation.

 What is the Post procedure care?

After the procedure is done you will be prescribed to apply antibiotic creams on skin so that the heeling happens faster.

Use of sunscreen will be compulsory.

Do Not remove scabs by urself, it can leave a pigmentation; so allow if to fall by its own.

What Are the Risks of Electrocauterization?

The treatment itself has minimal risks, such as:

  • minimal bleeding
  • Infection-antibiotics may be given along with the treatment to reduce this risk.
  • Pain and mild discomfort—pain medicine may be prescribed for several days after the procedure.

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