Skin Tightening, Firming and Contouring

What is Skin Tightening, Firming and Contouring all about?

If you wish your complexion looked a little fresher, or your skin felt a bit firmer, you have more options than ever—from makeup and creams to needles and lasers to scalpels and sutures.

These equipments and treatments are part of non surgical aesthetic solutions, clinically proven for non invasive skin firming and anti-aging treatment. It provides a platform for cellulite reduction, circumference reduction and skin tightening.

At Lapiel, we have two different technologies being used for this treatment; one named as Pollogen and other Venus Freeze.

How does Pollogen work on skin tightening?

TriFractional, an advanced anti-aging radiofrequency technology, enables deep, effective fractional skin resurfacing, one of today’s most sought after procedures. The TriFractional energy creates micro wounds which trigger the body’s natural healing response mechanism, inducing neocollagenesis and creating healthy skin tissue. After treatment, the untreated areas function as healing centres. TriFractional comes equipped with disposable tips to ensure patient comfort and safety.

What are the uses of Pollogen?

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Long-lasting circumferential reduction
  • Stretch mark improvement
  • Lifting, toning and firming of muscles
  • Detoxification and improved drainage
  • Enhanced blood circulation & oxygenation
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Improved appearance of acne scars
  • Firmed and rejuvenated skin
  • Facial contouring
  • Skin tightening

What is Venus Freeze?

Venus Freeze is an all-in-one, medical-grade solution that will satisfy the patients and deliver an impressive return on investment. Based on Venus Concept’s (MP2 ) technology, Venus Freeze employs an innovative synergy of a 3D bi-polar RF energy matrix and Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy to deliver superior aesthetic results for the face, neck and body and a pain-free treatment experience.

What are the advantages of Venus Freeze?

  • Long-term visible results · Fast and homogenous heating
  • 100% safe on all skin types · Ergonomic comfort
  • Pleasant pain-free treatment experience

How does Venus freeze assist in Skin Tightening?

The (MP)2  hand-pieces combine RF and magnetic pulse synthesizers to homogenously raise temperature over the entire treatment area and multiple skin layers. Constant uniform heat distribution and the ability to maintain critical endpoint temperature for the entire treatment means maximum efficacy, shorter treatment duration and a superior safety profile.

With no heat spikes, there is no need for topical cooling agents and patients report a pain free, enjoyable, pleasant treatment experience, likened to a hot stone massage.

(MP)2  synergistically enhances collagen production through two independent mechanisms, RF (thermal) and Pulsed Magnetic Field (PMF – non-thermal). The RF directly stimulates fibroblasts to increase collagen synthesis and PMF induces fibroblast proliferation producing new collagen.

(MP)2 is proven and effective in generating new collagen and elastic fibers, lipolysis, remodeling of collagen for skin tightening and the creation of new capillaries to renew blood supply.

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